About eduroam


The main task of eduroam is to offer easy and safe Internet connection to users of the scientific community.

eduroam can be used by every employee and every student of the Bialystok University of Technology who has an email account on the university domain @pb.edu.pl (for employees) or @student.pb.edu.pl (for students).

eduroam can be accessed from all affiliated institutions (both in Poland and abroad) and requires an IEEE 802.1x standard.

A list of places in Poland where you can use the eduroam network can be found at www.eduroam.pl.

eduroam is an acronym for educational roaming – an initiative that has grown from the activities of European academic computer networks. The eduroam service is co-created by all the institutions that use it.

eduroam service in the region is coordinated by the Center for Computer Networks of the Bialystok University of Technology.